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Saas vs. In-House Server

Saas vs. In-House Server Comparison

How does the cost of cloud-based software (SaaS=Software as a Service) compare with software installed on a server in your office?

It is a difficult task to make a fair and accurate comparison. It is much like comparing the proverbial apples to oranges. But, in the space below an effort is being made to do so. Needless to say, your needs and requirements are probably different than those assumed in this article.

1. Real cost of ‘buying’ server-based software

Technically, software that you “purchased” and installed on your server in your office, was never really purchased. It was very likely licensed for your use. Furthermore, each year you were offered a maintenance agreement for service and support. At times, the maintenance agreement included upgrades […]

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Is Software Functionality Enough?

What You Need to Know About Cloud Software Functionality vs. Structure

There are a lot of questions to ask when it comes to choosing cloud software for your business, besides the obvious ones like “Does this fit my needs?” or “Does this fit in my budget?” Of course, these questions are extremely important to consider as a first step. But there are other questions that should be asked as well, especially as you narrow your list of choices.

Cloud service providers use different tools to run their businesses. Knowing what tools they use is important. So, two other questions to consider are: “Does it matter what programming language a software is written in?” and “Does it matter what format the databases are kept in?”

The answer to both […]

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8 Reasons Moving To the Cloud Saves You Time

8 Reasons Moving To the Cloud Saves You Time

Moving to the cloud is a great way to help you and your employees save valuable time by outsourcing IT problems to your provider. Once you switch to the cloud, the majority of technological burdens will disappear so you and your team can focus on your business goals rather than dealing with IT issues. Many cloud service providers, like TwinPeaks Online, can help you understand and overcome these issues.

Read the 8 reasons you will save time below:

  1. Backups. With cloud solutions, a cloud service provider (CSP) like TwinPeaks Online will make regular backups of your data on your behalf. Each backup recurs on a frequent schedule to make sure if anything happens there is no data loss. […]
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Is A Cloud Solution Right For You?

Is A Cloud Solution Right For You?

Do you need to make an IT decision of whether or not to move to the cloud? Or thinking of just starting with the cloud? Many business decisions require you to be armed to the teeth with information. IT is another area where you’ll need to brush up. Amazon, Google, and Microsoft provide a wealth of pricing information: if you know how to read it. There are other cloud providers that offer models and comparison tools on their site.

Here, I’ll do my best to provide an overview of on-premises servers, cloud servers, and what might be the best solution for your business. You can email us ( or call us for more information.

If you are […]

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6 Steps to Going Green and Saving Thousands

Step 1: Evaluate Areas To Go Green

For a business to go completely green, there are a lot of complex areas involved. The easiest, and most obvious, is reducing or eliminating the need to print. This translates to hundreds if not thousands of dollars in savings per year as you no longer need to purchase paper, print reports, replace toner, replace drums and/or printers. Download our more detailed, step-by-step guide below for more information on other areas to help reduce your carbon footprint and costs to your business.

Step 2: Evaluate Costs

Evaluating your monthly expenditures on paper and printing will help you calculate the ROI of implementing software. With less expense, you can reinvest the savings back into your business or take a nice vacation. Use the […]

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The Future Landscape of Software Hosting: What’s Right for Your Business?

Would you rather manage your data locally or allow a third party to host it?

Do you prefer to maintain your own server, knowing you will have to replace it when it fails?

Are you prepared to upgrade your equipment and devices every few years?

One common dilemma businesses face is whether to adopt web-based software or continue hosting their software on-site. As the world migrates to cloud computing, the choice may seem obvious. But there are still many factors to consider when facing your next software upgrade.

With seemingly limitless choices, it can be difficult to narrow things down. The first basic question to ask yourself is whether you want to host the software on your own server(s) or contract with a company that will host it for […]

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Healthy Eating vs. Sweet-Tooth: The Everlasting Dilemma

A recent article in took on the complicated nature of consumer eating, investigating the seeming contradiction between the rise in health-consciousness and growing spending on snack foods. Fully two-thirds of American adults report indulging in snacking, while nearly half replace meals with snack foods. At the same time, the types of snack foods Americans report eating are changing, with 45% of people citing nutritional value as a factor in their choices.


Fueling the growing snack foods market are millennials, many of whom reach for a snack four times a day. While some indulge out of boredom, others want a burst of energy during busy days that don’t allow for sit-down meals. The need for healthy, convenient foods is driving the rise in consumer […]

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Sell Dough to Boost Holiday Satisfaction

Does your bakery sell dough?

Home baking may be rooted in America’s vision of the holidays, but many consumers are pressed for time and can’t make fancy holiday treats from scratch. Buying finished, unbaked dough allows them to enjoy your high-quality products while still filling their homes with the warm scents of gingerbread or butter rolls — and even express some creativity without making quite such a mess of their kitchens. For consumers, it’s a win-win scenario.

Want to give dough sales a try? Here are a few ideas to start with, all holiday-friendly:

  1. Sugar cookie dough: a versatile classic, package this dough with a few different cookie ideas your customers can make with it. Real Simple has ten […]
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Free Samples: How Giving Away Samples Boosts Sales

“When you do any kind of in-store sampling, you’re actually doing two things at the same time,” he explained. “You’re selling product and you’re in effect doing an advertisement inside.” – Supermarket News


Offering free samples to your customers can have dramatic positive effects on sales.

hand taking piece of fresh bread Fresh bread? Yes, please! (Of course, your hand will have a glove on it.)

Customers like free samples — consider this article about a beloved bakery where the author got a free slice of bread at every visit: the bread didn’t just give this customer a sense of delight and increase […]

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A Party Without Cake is Just a Meeting, and other truths to inspire your marketing and merchandising campaigns

What makes customers buy a tee shirt from a café, bakery, or restaurant and wear it around, advertising that business to everyone they meet?

For some, it’s a special love for that particular business. For others, it’s a foodie identity, a feeling of being in-the-know about good food and where to find it. Some might find a slogan funny or irresistible, or a logo or design thoroughly charming. There’s even a list at Food and Wine of their picks for best food-related tee shirts, including this one:

A party without cake is just a meeting T-shirt

How do you design a shirt that customers will want to wear? And once they […]

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