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In 1983, Mike Curry and his brother founded Pastry Perfection. For ten years, they leased space inside grocery stores and functioned as an in-store bakery as well as a supplier for wholesale customers. Their dream, however, was an on-the-street bakery, a place which would house their wholesale operation but allow for retail business. This came to fruition in 1993 when they opened their12,000-sq-foot location in Boise, Idaho. While Pastry Perfection bakes up a multitude of goods – breads, muffins, donuts, cookies, croissants, bagels – Mike says that they’ve remained faithful to keeping everything in-house. One hundred percent of what they sell is what they actually produce – nothing is brought in frozen. Though others may have expanded their repertoire and moved to sandwiches or salads, Mike says Pastry Perfection’s focus is still just baked goods. Being true to their name, it is pastries that they’ve perfected. But as anyone in the baking industry knows, having the right recipe is only one aspect of creating a successful business.

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