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Bakery POS System

POMePOS: Bakery POS for Android

Designed for retail bakeries, restaurants, cafes, or other retail food business, POMePOS runs best on 10″ tablets running Android. The bakery POS tablet can be used to take orders, either stationary as a register or taken to customers as they walk in. If you want to have a kiosk for self-service, we can do that as well. Android POS is a powerful, customizable option for all retail businesses.

The back-end component allows managers to set up items, categories, etc. that can easily be copied to new terminals. All reports are run from the back-end web based software that can be accessed anywhere.

Built For Bakeries

We custom-built our system for the food manufacturing and distribution industries. Many off-the-shelf point-of-sale solutions use item-only sales tracking. POMePOS has additional features that are not standard with other solutions. With our bakery POS, you can also do on-account sales for your wholesale customers, custom cake orders, recipe costing, lot tracking, and much more.

You also choose how to set up your register with menu touch-buttons. Add as many menus, items, and modifiers as you need. Create a simple layout or add as much complexity by using categories within categories to organize your inventory. Have popular items? Create an easy-to-reach menu! Our bakery POS supports 28,000+ items for sale.

Portable Solution

Need a traditional register? We connect to printers, cash drawers, and credit card machines. Everything that you need in a traditional register we can do. You can also take a tablet to customers to take orders.

But what if you need something mobile? Ideal for food trucks, farmers market booths, or other mobile enterprises, POMePOS functions offline unlike many other solutions that require connectivity. Once the internet is restored all data transfers to the back-end web server.

Custom Cake Orders

Let your customers order custom cakes directly from the register, or have a stand-alone kiosk. Customers can choose fillings, decorations, flavors, messages, and more, for each type of custom cake you have. The bakery POS tablet automatically calculates the total price for each option selected. Choose the delivery date or pick up.

All custom cake orders are then sent to your production team instantly with all the information they need to create the perfect cakes for your customers.

Real Time Reports

Access your sales data from all POS terminals anytime, anywhere. Check online through our web portal, or use our app to get an overview. You can view total sales, employee performance, and inventory tracking to make sure stock is good. And, the mobile app gives updated data following every transaction. All the information you need in the palm of your hand with our bakery POS software.

Hardware Compatible

We aim to provide the best overall customer experience. To do so, our bakery POS integrates with many brands of receipt printers, credit card readers, cash drawers and more. We always encourage you to find the best fit for your business. Of course, we have a list of providers that work perfectly with our software if you need a recommendation. Additionally, we can always add more compatibility if you have a preferred manufacturer.

Scales with Growth

Easily add terminals to new stores or locations with our bakery POS solution. Expand without worrying about expensive software solutions. Set up in minutes! In the back-end, create a new location or new station. On the new tablet install POMePOS, login, then download from the cloud. That’s it! You’re new store is now ready to go.

And POMePOS provides a consistent inventory and pricing catalog across multiple stores and registers. Apply markdowns and discounts–either universally or per sale–through a user-friendly interface.

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