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The time it takes to implement POMeSYS depends on the time you allocate to the implementation process. Obviously, the more time you dedicate, the less overall time it takes for you to get up and running. We have seen situations in which a customer’s old system crashed and they were able to implement our system within 2 days. We have also seen cases that with no urgency or guidance, the process took months rather than days. The below is meant as a guide to give you an idea of a typical implementation cycle.

The first and most important advice: Assign one person to be in charge of this project. Let him/her be your spokesperson for support questions and your go-to person to train others.

STEP 1: Before Getting Started

Login Information

After making payment arrangments and signing necessary paperwork, TwinPeaks
staff creates a directory for you on the cloud and you are given a User ID and
Password to log in to your account. We prefer to train you using your data rather
than a random sample of data as your staff is more familiar with your products and customers.


Enter Data

If you are starting fresh with no need to import data, this is when you begin to
enter your data: such as customers, items, receipes, templates, etc.

Prepare Data

If you are planning to import data from your current accounting/management
software, you must export that data first to an Excel spreadsheet. You may need
to contact your current product’s support team if you require help exporting your


If you are a current Z-Bake customer, we will help export your data to Excel, in
order for you to clean up your data before we assist you in importing.


Importing Sales History is not part of the normal implementation process.


Clean Up Data

Once your data is in Excel, you will need to clean up the information such as
removing nonexistant items, customers, etc. This is also a good time to change IDs for any items, customers, etc. We want to make sure you have healthy, clean, and current data for a more robust start.


Import Data

Once all the spread sheets are complete, they will need to be emailed to us, at
which point a programmer will convert it into a format readable by our software
the files will be imported.


Populate Fields

After importing your data, you will need to populate the mandatory fields required by our system by accessing your account.



Once all the necessary information has been imported, you begin training with the
trainer assigned to you. During each session, only a portion of the software will be taught and “homework” will be assigned.


Dry Run

At this stage, we will begin testing the software with a dry run, while you
continue to operate business as usual. We have many options and production
reports available. It is important to find what works for you before you go live.


Import Receivables

The night of implementation, we re-import open receivables, in order to make sure
the receivables match.


Running Parallel

Once we are ready to go live, we will do a soft launch. This means we will run
our software parallel with yours to see if all information aligns and to make sure we have no issues. We will do this for two days.


Full Implementation

At this point, all the necessary information has been imported and tested. You
can go live with our software and discontinue use of your old method/software.