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POMeSYS-Host is a library of modules that include wholesale orders, accounts receivable, raw material inventory control and recipe costing, and purchase order. The wholesale order application allows bakery staff to enter costumer orders that are received by phone or fax.

Orders may also be imported via EDI, POMeSYS-Remote, MyRouteManager or in-house server based Z-Bake management software. Logged orders are then grouped by customers, routes, production, departments, product categories, miscellaneous codes and production shifts. Options such as recurring (standing) orders, customized order templates, and special pricing tables facilitate the grouping process. A spreadsheet-like production list is created based on the collected orders. The list can be exported to a production staff via the inventory control and costing module for analysis, batching, processing and recipe printing.

As part of the module, delivery tickets (sales orders/ invoices) are printed by route and in the order of delivery. After delivery, adjustments are made and orders are converted to invoices.


The Modules under POMeSYS Host:

First, the Sales Order module allows staff to enter all customer orders received by phone or fax. Other orders may also be imported via EDI, POMeSYS-Remote, MyRouteManager, a web based delivery and billing system and in-house server based Z-Bake bakery management software. Secondly, customer orders, once adjusted in the Sales Order module of POMeSYS-Host, are then posted to the Accounts Receivable module. In other words, orders are converted to invoices. In addition, the Accounts Receivable module allows user to create ‘after-the-fact’ invoices and credit memos. Third, the Costing part of this module maintains files on ingredients, packaging materials, labor, finished and unfinished products. Fourth, the Purchase Order module fully integrates with the Inventory Control and Costing module.


For more information go to the POMeSYS site by clicking here.

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