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Bakery Management Software

The heart of our bakery management software is POMeSYS-Host, a group of modules outlined below. These related modules work together to form the ordering cycle from purchased goods to inventory, through production to sales orders, and finally as invoices. All of our other modules works best when paired with POMeSYS-Host.

Of course, our software can work for many food manufacturing and distribution purposes as well as bakeries. Ask us how we can help you do business better.

Sales Orders (Wholesale)

This portion of the software deals with wholesale orders vs. retail sales.

Most of your customers have a standing order. Our software remembers and creates new orders instantly from this information. Need to enter new orders, special orders, or use a pre-selected catering template? All included. Take orders via phone or fax and input them for new customers on-the-fly. Orders are associated with customers so you can track history and best-selling items. And you’ll have all their information in one, secure place.

Looking for automated or web-based order entry for your customers or outlets? Check out POMeSYS Remote!

Accounts Receivable

Once an order has been processed and delivered (with any necessary adjustments), our system “pushes” orders into the Accounts Receivable. This is where all invoicing and billing takes place. You can enter payments, create credit memos, and views invoices and statements. You’ll always have an up-to-date look at your revenues.

Never keep track of payments in a paper booklet or ledger. Our program remembers who paid you what and when, and how much credit they have. All sales are associated with customers so their bills are in the same place too, making it easy to see how much they owe. Create PDFs for a paperless office and even email invoices directly from the program!

Though our software can provide for your accounting needs, we have linked with QuickBooks.

Inventory Costing and Control

Managing raw ingredients, recipes, and production is a messy business. Our Inventory Costing and Control module makes it easy. Input raw ingredients manually or through the purchase order module (read more below). Not only that, but keep track of your finished products as well. And with recipes, our program tells you how much it costs to create an item. This helps you better understand how to price all your items accordingly.

Additionally, our software automatically tracks inventory through recipes. Once you create your production for the day, all totals in storage (both ingredients and finished product) are updated, with the ability to manually change inventory as needed. This means you will always have a good idea of what you have on-hand!

Purchase Orders

You have to buy ingredients to make your finished products. Our purchase order module makes managing supplies easy. Every time you receive a purchase order delivery, the program automatically updates your inventory. You can track where your ingredients come from, the price you pay, and update costs and prices as they change, all from the same program. Talk about convenient!

The Cycle in Action

So, how do they all work together? Really, there is no start to the cycle and any step could be first.

Create a purchase order for ingredients (or items). This information is then stored in the Inventory Costing and Control portion of the software to keep on-hand stock up-to-date. As orders are made and production done, your inventory—both ingredient and items—is automatically changed. Because the program keeps track of everything, it can recommend when you need to re-order supplies to keep production running. Money coming in through Accounts Receivable keeps you growing!

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