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Point of Sale:

Z-Bake Point of Sale module was created to satisfy the needs and requirements of retail bakeries. It is available in three versions. The standard version performs the functions of a regular cash register. However, unlike most ‘restaurant’ type POS applications it does provide user the ability to sell a lot of items very easily. For example, with just two touches user can sell any of 1,400 inventory items. The enhanced version, in addition to all the features of the standard, allows selling products to ‘wholesale’ customers on account. Finally, the premium version, in addition to all of the features of the enhanced also allows user to accept cake orders and print production sheets and labels.


Custom Cakes:

If you are a high volume retail baker and you are set up to take orders over the phone for custom cakes and for party trays, the Sales Order-Retail module of Z-BAKE is a good solution. The program is designed to provide you an efficient and easy way to enter orders for cakes that accommodate many choices and options. It prompts the operator with all of the relevant questions concerning entry of a cake order. Those may include filling, icing, decoration, pick up, location and every other relevant question that you ask while entering a cake order. The total price of the ordered product is calculated by adding the cost of options to the base price. Sales orders/receipts and “What-to-Bake” lists are printed immediately after the order is entered. This module also assists you in planning, scheduling and the delivery of your products.

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