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Delivery Route Management

Our four Delivery and Route Management solutions allow your drivers to create or change invoices, gather signed proof of delivery, and finalize an invoice and print it on the spot. In addition, each program also shows the preprogrammed route order. If the device connects to the internet, invoices can be emailed to customers immediately upon delivery.

We designed each program based on the size and durability of the hardware, the operating system needed to run, and internet connectivity. MyRouteManager requires always-on connectivity for any device. For rugged, smaller (pocket-sized) devices, look at POMeMobile. If a large tablet running windows is what you need, POMeRoute has you covered. Lastly, if you need a solution for Andriod OS, read more about POMeRoute for Android.

If you have any questions or want to know which solution might be best for you, call us today.

100% web-based route delivery and management system that runs on any Android, Windows Mobile and Apple tablet or phone.

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A dedicated offline route delivery system that runs on Windows Mobile 6.5 devices (such as the Motorola ES 400 and MC65).

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A fully offline route delivery system that runs on Windows 7 or 8 Pro tablets (Acer Iconia W4 or the Microsoft Surface Pro).

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Both online and offline Android-based route management. Works best with Samsung 8″ or 10″ tablets.

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